Pity of War outreach project painting stones in Tenbury

There is a WW1 memorial in Tenbury, Worcestershire, in their Civic gardens. It is of two benches, one for the soldiers lost and one for their horses. Standing between these is the black silhouette of a WW1 soldier, the same as many seen around the country since 2018. These benches stand on a circle of flag stones and around the out side of this, laid amoungst the pebbles, are stones painted by Tenbury Primary School children. Barbara Mark from Ludlow Quaker meeting had gone into the school to share the story of The Pity of War project:

“Together the children discussed all the effect war has on families and those living in war zones. The class painted stones to think about these non combatants. The school then enlarged the project so other classes could paint stones.  It would be good to think that the lives lost by those non combatants can be remembered by these painted stones.” Barbara Mark (Ludlow, Quaker meeting)