Educational Outreach at Orleton C of E Primary School

Twenty seven Year 1 children helped the Pity of War project at Orleton Primary School in mid November 2018. The week before they had painted red poppies on stones which were now on the War Memorial in the centre of the village of Orleton, and today we discussed the difference between white poppies and red poppies. We thought about how easy it is to get into an argument or a fight and how you sometimes needed help to sort things out. We discussed how there is a need for special people, like teachers, to help to stop wars happening in the first place. We talked about things that happen when war does break out and it is very sad and lots of people get injured and killed, not just soldiers but families and animals. 

A poppy had been drawn on the stones and the children chose a stone and painted it in. While some did this others cut out white poppies to make a white poppy wreath. 

The white poppies were laid out on a table to dry and Barbara chose two to take with her for the Pity of War project which will be put up in the National Memorial Arboretum near Lichfield.