pity of war

What it means to me

The ‘Pity of War’ can mean different things to different people, here you can read some of the meanings it can have to others: Jan “The Pity of War” Memorial marks those civilians who have lost their lives or suffered as a result of war. The effects of war on the civilian population are all […]

Letter from Joyce Gee

At the inauguration of a memorial at the National Memorial Arboretum in 2013, an 83-year-old woman, Joyce Gee, knew something was missing. The Arboretum has about 300 different memorials, the great majority of them military. But while there were memorials to mark all sorts of wars, military organisations and other bodies, there was nothing to […]

About ‘The Pity of War’ project

  Welcome to our site. Here you will find information and ways to help contribute to the fundraising for our project entitled ‘Pity of War’.  With enough donations a lasting tribute to all the innocent victims of war can be made possible.  Our aim is to raise enough money to fund the casting of a […]