who we are

cropped-saaf-logo-round-blue.pngWho we are:

The Sculpture and Art Foundation C.I.C. creates opportunities for equal access to the arts, through community engagement projects. We increase participation, access and understanding of the arts within communities.  We develop wide and international partnerships and an infrastructure of exhibitions, public art, productions, commissions, promotional/educational, networking shows and events, galleries, studios, workshops, retail space and trails that benefit communities, artists and locations. We create new opportunities for artists in a local, national and international context. Furthermore we manage projects and offer consultation.

For more info see our website: www.sculptureandartfoundation.com

We are a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee. Registered in England and Wales no. 9626684

Our objectives:

  1. Provide opportunity to the community as they learn new skills through training and participation with the creation of new artworks.

  2. Help the community to understand its historic, cultural economic and social context building sense of pride and identity, bringing people together, removing social barriers and providing focus for community life.

  3. Increase opportunity for those who are disadvantaged financially, geographically and socially.

  4. Develop access through social media and digital technology helping people learn how to understand artwork and appreciate the values behind its creation

  5. Create new means of access to the arts providing a sense of well-being and health promotion, enable reduction in anti-social behaviour through engagement with the arts,

  6. Provide intergenerational activities assisting people with engagement through increasing partnerships that meet the needs of artists and others through networking, volunteering, benefiting community member such as youth workers, play leaders, mentorees, recent graduates, teachers, amateur artists as well as schoolchildren and members of the public.

  7. Work with the community to involve them in experiencing new ideas and traditional and modern technology, digital techniques, as well as participation in the arts through exhibitions, prizes, trails, workshops, and event days. Helping to form a creative and artistic standpoint to add to the cultural landscape.